This is documentation for the old, first-generation Kaa platform v0.x.
Next generation Kaa Enterprise IoT platform is now available! Try it free with a 30-days trial.
Kaa Enterprise documentation is here.
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This section explains how to build Kaa C SDK for the UDOO board and install Kaa applications on it.

UDOO is a family of Open Source Arduino-powered Mini PCs compatible with Android and Linux that you can exploit both as embedded systems for DIY-electronics projects, and as low power consumption fanless computers for everyday use.

Connecting UDOO board

If this is the first time you use the UDOO technology, refer to the UDOO official documentation.

The UDOO platform allows building the source code directly on the board. The only thing you need to do before that is export your code onto the board. To do this, you can use the scp utility:

  1. Find the IP address of the UDOO board.

  2. Copy the Kaa C SDK source code from the host machine to the UDOO board.

    scp /path/to/downloaded/sdk/c-sdk-archive-name.tar.gz root@<put ip address here>:c-sdk-archive-name.tar.gz

Build Kaa application

Since UDOO runs on Linux, you can use the Linux guide to build and run your application.