Kaa client Objective-C SDK Reference

Quick start

Building Kaa Objective-C SDK

Before compiling, ensure that all required components are installed.

To build the Kaa Objective-C SDK, do the following:

$ ./build.sh compile

Link Kaa library to your project

Drag and drop Kaa XCode project workspace as sub-module to your project and add libKaa.a binary to "Link Binary with Libraries" in Build Phases tab. In Build Settings tab find property called "Other Linker Flags" and set it's value to -ObjC. In Build Settings tab find property called "User Header Search Paths" and set it's value to "$(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)" and switch value in right column to recursive.

Programming guide

For more information about functions supported by the Kaa Objective-C SDK, see our Programming guide:

Demo application

To better familiarize yourself with Kaa Objective-C SDK, you may look at our demo applications.
Find the demo source code in our 'sample-apps' repository on GitHub.

Class References